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Sport & Nature on the Island of Elba
Mount Capanne is at the back of Patresi, and at 1019 metres above sea level is the highest mountain on the Island of Elba. There are many hiking options around the Massif of Mount Capanne, and the view from the top is spectacular, not to mention the strong perfume of the surrounding Mediterranean vegetation: rosemary, broom, heather and cistus all seem to climb up the so called "coti", that is, the granite masses of Capanne, so typical of the past and present western side of the island.

A unique experience along the paths which connect the peaks of the island, in search of the perfumes, the colours and the huge variety of landscapes to be found on Elba. A trip in the midst of the natural and historical splendours of the Island.

We would also like to remind you that if you prefer, you can reach the peak of the mount via the cableway (open from Easter until October) which is half way along the road from Poggio to Marciana.

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