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The area of Patresi
Patresi is a beautiful village in the Commune of Marciana; The actual town of Marciana is about 10 km away.

It is on the western tip of the Island of Elba, right off Corsica.

This part of the coastal area seems to be able to maintain an incredibly unspoiled landscape, so much so that even today it is impossible to reach most of the inlets. Docking places are few and far between, and almost give the impression that the sea itself has simply cut them out of the cliffs.

With only a few houses scattered here and there in this area, Nature seems to rule over man, who has to adapt to its laws, its silence and its vast, open spaces. On a clear day, you feel as though all you need to do is stretch out your arm and you'll be able to touch the Island of Capraia; and the lighthouse in Patresi, surrounded by blue sky and blue sea, seems to be hanging in mid air in the centre of a blue painting.

The lighthouse proudly watches over the crystal clear sea and its seabed, that is deeply loved by divers and snorkelers. The beach consists of large rocks and pebbles and a cement platform with a wharf. There is also a bar, beach umbrella rental and a slipway for haulage of small boats. You can get to the beach by leaving the main road and following the signs for 'Patresi Mare' for about 1 km along a narrow path which runs alongside the Fosso di Punta Polveraia.

On the right, reachable from a narrow path is the beach of Polveraia, a small inlet protected by the overhanging cliffs, of dark pebbles interposed by large white rocks.